Manage Candidates - View Resume

You can view the resume and application information for one or more candidates at a time on the applicant carousel. You can also change a candidate's status from the applicant carousel.

To access Manage Candidates, go to Recruit > Manage Candidates.

View Resume

To view candidate resumes:

  1. Check the Select All box on the main Manage Candidates page to select all candidates on the page. Or, select individual candidates by checking the box to the left of a candidate's name.
  2. Click View Resume. This opens the applicant carousel. Note: At least one candidate must be selected in order to enable the View Resume button.

Applicant Carousel

The applicant carousel is a centralized location where recruiters can evaluate a candidate's application and assess their qualifications. This page is accessed by clicking View Resume from Manage Candidates or by selecting the Review Candidate status for candidates who are in an In Review status type.

From the applicant carousel, recruiters can:

  • Evaluate the resume and prescreening questions
  • Read and write contextual information about the candidate through the Comments feature
  • Take actions without navigating to another page
  • View and access live video and ondemand video interview information
  • Access resume and applicant information for multiple candidates across requisitions

The following information is available from the applicant carousel:

List of Applicants

If two or more candidates were selected on Manage Candidates, then a list of the candidates appears in a panel on the left-side of the applicant carousel. Click a candidate's name to view their resume and application details.

Contact Information

The candidate's email address, phone number, and location appear at the top of the page.

Contact information is only visible if configured by the administrator to be available and not hidden.

Note: The visibility of contact information is also dependent upon anonymous applicant settings.See Applicant Profile Page Overview.

Applicant Summary

This section displays the name and requisition ID of the job, the application date, and status.

A Referral Details field displays for candidates who are referrals, and the referral relationship also displays.

The source the candidate used to apply also appears:

  • For candidates who apply via LinkedIn, a link to their 's LinkedIn page appears in the Source field.
  • For candidates who were added manually, "Added Manually" appears.
  • For candidates who applied via a career site, the name of the career site appears.
  • For the Employee Referral source, a tooltip appears next to the source name. Click the tooltip to view:
    • Referring employee's name, which appears as a link to their universal profile
    • Referring employee's title
    • Referring employee's relationship to the candidate

See Applicant Profile Page - Summary Tab.

Resume Section

If the candidate uploaded a resume, the resume appears in the Resume section below the Overview section. You can download a PDF of the resume, as well.

For candidates who filled out their resume when completing their application, their resume details appear in this section. When a resume has been parsed, you will be able to view both the resume file and parsed resume details.

When an applicant applies with their LinkedIn resume, this will replace a resume file. An applicant can have both a LinkedIn and parsed resume.

The applicant carousel shows the resume and/or any parsed parsed resume fields that are available for the candidate. The structured resume fields used for Succession > Resume are a subset of the Universal Profile fields.

For internal employees, when they apply to a requisition and choose to use their existing resume on the application, then the structured resume fields from their Universal Profile will populate the application workflow. The internal user could choose to update these values in the resume step on the application and this would also update their Universal Profile. While the full Universal Profile does not appear on the applicant carousel, what is shown are the fields from the employee's Universal Profile that were used to apply to the requisition.

Prescreening Questions Section

Any pre-screening questions that were included in the application appear in the Pre-Screening Questions section. Both the question and the candidate's answer appear.

Interview Section

This section displays if a candidate is in a status for live video or on-demand video interviews.

See Manage Candidates - Schedule Live Video Interview.

See Manage Candidates - Assign On-Demand Video Interview.

Actions You Can Take

The following actions are available by clicking the three dots in the upper-right corner of the flyout:

Change Status

Changing a candidate's status is another action you can take from the applicant carousel. To change the status, click Change Status in the upper-right corner of the flyout.

To change the status of a single candidate, click the button for their current status. This opens the applicant carousel, from which you can use the Change Status option to

To change one or more statuses: