Manage Candidates - Assign On-Demand Video Interview

On-demand video interviews can be scheduled on Manage Candidates. This feature is available for all portals using Recruiting, but it is also necessary to have an integration configured with a third-party video interview provider. The integration is configured using the Video Interview Connector via Edge Integrations. See Edge Integration - Configure.

Some steps of assigning an on-demand video interview can be performed from Manage Candidates, while others are completed within the video interview provider's platform.

Assign On-Demand Video Interview

To assign an on-demand video interview:

  1. Select one or more candidates on the Manage Candidates page. Note: You can also assign on-demand video interviews from the applicant carousel.
  2. Select Assign On-Demand Video Interview from the More drop-down. This opens the Assign On-Demand Video Interview flyout.
  3. Select a provider from the Provider drop-down. If your portal only has one provider, then the provider is selected automatically and the field is grayed out.
  4. Select a package from list in the Choose a Package field. You can also search for packages using the search field. Note: Packages are created by the video interview provider and are automatically pulled in from the provider. It is necessary to have at least one package configured on the vendor side in order to use on-demand video interviews.
  5. Select reviewers in the Reviewers field. These are the users who will review the interview and decide whether to move candidates forward in the application process. Note: A list of reviewers may already appear if reviewers were added from within the video interview provider's platform. You can delete any reviewers by clicking the X to the right of their name.
  6. Click Submit.

Once the interview is assigned, the candidate will receive an email from the video interview provider. The email includes the interview details and a link to record the interview. Note: There are no internal Cornerstone emails that are sent to the candidate when the interview is assigned or completed. In addition, the candidate cannot access the interview link from their profile page in the career site.

View Video Interview Status and Video

When the video interview is assigned by the recruiter, a column appears for the interview package on Manage Candidates. The column name is "[Video Interview Provider Name] - [On-Demand Video Interview]."

The column indicates the status of the interview and includes a link to view the interview once it is completed by the candidate. When a video interview is first assigned, the candidate's interview status is Assigned.

Add Reviewers

Reviewers are the users who will review the interview and application details and determine whether or not to recommend the candidate for the position. They can be assigned from within the third-party video interview provider's platform. Or, they can be assigned from the applicant carousel in Manage Candidates.

To assign reviewers, from the applicant carousel in Manage Candidates:

  1. Click Add Reviewers. This opens the Add Reviewers flyout.
  2. Search for and select the video interview reviewers. There may already be one or more reviewers listed.
  3. Click Submit.

Note: There are no internal Cornerstone emails that are sent when reviewers are assigned. All emails are handled by the video interview provider.

Reviewers - View Interview and Submit Review

Once the candidate submits their video, their interview status changes to Pending Recommendation. Reviewers can click View Interview from the Manage Candidates page to view the interview from within the video interview provider's platform, which is also where they will complete and submit their review.

Once the reviewer has submitted their review, their recommendation appears on the applicant carousel in Cornerstone.

Recruiters - View Recommendations by Reviewers

Recruiters can view all recommendations by reviewers by selecting the candidate on Manage Candidates and clicking View Profile. This opens the applicant carousel.

The reviewers' name, date of the review, and recommendation appear on the applicant carousel. The review may also include a score and comments.