View Candidate Skills Match

Candidate Skills Match information displays on the Manage Candidates page in the Candidate Matching Score column.

This column displays the candidate skills match score by matching a candidate's profile against the requisition's job description.

Matching begins when a candidate submits an application with a resume attached in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format. Scoring is based on the candidate's resume /work experience matched against the job description. Scores appear in the Candidate Score column as follows:

  • 76 to 100 – Excellent
  • 51 to 75 – Good
  • 26 to 50 – Fair
  • 0 to 25 - Low

Note: If the resume is not attached to the application, the score is blank. For better scoring, it is recommended that parsing for previous work experiences is enabled. See Application Workflow - Upload Attachments.

You must enable Candidate Skills Match to use it.See Enable Candidate Skills Match.

To access the Manage Candidates page, go to Recruit > Manage Candidates.

Display the Candidate Matching Score Column

To view the Candidate Score column (if not visible):

  1. On the Manage Candidates page, select the Customize Columns option .
  2. Check Candidate Matching Score.
  3. Click Save.

Recruiters can click on any score to open the Skills Matching Summary flyout.

Skills Matching Summary Flyout

The flyout displays the following details:

  • Skills Relevance – Predicts how well the candidate's skill match the position.​
  • Experience Relevance – Predicts whether the candidate's experience matches the position.​
  • Upward Opportunity - Predicts how well the current position matches the candidates career path.
  • Is the matching score relevant? question - Recruiters can submit feedback about whether the scores calculated were appropriate or needed fine tuning. Feedback goes to Beta Community Thread for Feedback and Questions page. Only one feedback can be submitted per application.
  • Matching skills and Missing Skills- Displays items mapped in the customer's Capabilities Library. Note: If the skills identified are not mapped in the Capabilities library, then the Skills Graph keys display. See Capabilities Library - Create/Edit Capability.
  • Work Experience - If the resume is parsed, the title of the section in the flyout will be "Work Experience". If the resume is not parsed, the title of the section in the flyout will be "Work Experience (System Identified)".

  • Matching is provided only for locations where candidate skills match is enabled.
  • Matching is only supported for External Career Site, Internal Career Site, Add/ Move to Requisition, and Snapshot workflows.
  • If the Capabilities Library is not configured, information in the Matching Skills and Missing Skills fields will be displayed as keys and might not be translated to the logged-in user’s language.

Note: In the Matching Skills and Missing Skills sections, to display only skills mapped in the Capabilities Library and ignore the Skills Graph skills, contact Global Customer Support (GCS).