Candidate Skills Match - Overview

Candidate Skills Matching enables recruiting teams to quickly identify and review the highest matching candidates against any job and reduces the risk of missing out on top talent.

To use Candidate Skills Match, you must enable it. See See Enable Candidate Skills Match.

Note: Candidate Matching Scores are calculated only for applications which are submitted after the functionality is enabled. Previous applications do not have the calculated scores.

Skills Matching Summary

Candidate Skills Match provides:

  • Information about how well the candidate profile matches the job.
  • Sub-scores that display Skills Relevance, Experience Relevance, and Upward Opportunity for the applicant.
  • Candidate's missing and matching skills.
  • Self-enablement.
  • Integration with Capabilities to ensure seamless skills experience through out the CSX suite.

  • Work Experience details in matching summary.

  • Matching score available for applications submitted using Apply with LinkedIN.

  • Support in 15 languages


The image below describes how Candidate Skills Match works:

Job Matching Algorithm

The Candidate Skills Match job matching algorithm is a combination of several scores:

  • A comparison of the skills detected on both the user profile and on the requisition, for example, Programming or Microsoft Word.
  • A comparison of the user positions job titles vs the vacancy/job role title based on their related skills, for example, a user's Sales Associate job compared to the Account Manager job.
  • A comparison of the users position job titles vs the vacancy/job role title based on the likeliness of such a job title transition in the market.
  • A penalty for job title transitions with non-typical forward or backward seniority gaps, for example, senior role to a junior role.
  • Experience distance (Experience Relevance): Are the past experiences (job titles) from the user profile consistent with the job offer?
  • Career coherence (Upward Opportunity) : From a seniority standpoint, is the job offer consistent with the career trajectory?
  • Skills coherence (Skills Relevance): Are skills inferred on both the user profile and the job consistent?