Manage Applicants - Assigned Assessments and Training

Manage Applicants Deprecation: Cornerstone is deprecating Manage Applicants in Q1 2024. See Manage Applicants Overview.

When you assign an assessment or training to an applicant and a notification email is sent to the applicant, the email contains a link that directs the applicant to the Login or Self Registration page. The applicant must log in to complete the assessment/training. Upon completion of the assessment/training, the applicant is redirected to their My Profile page. If an applicant attempts to complete an assessment/training more than once, the system immediately redirects them to their My Profile page.

Phase 1 Limitations

The following are Phase 1 limitations to the Assign Assessments/Training features:

  • Applicants are not notified that they have completed an assessment/training.
  • An explanation is not provided to the candidate as to the reason they are redirected to the My Profile page if they attempt to complete an assessment/training more than once.
  • Applicants cannot review their responses to an assessment/training once it has been completed.
  • An option for applicants to save an in-progress assessment/training is not available.