Manage Applicants - Add to Requisition

Manage Applicants Deprecation: Cornerstone is deprecating Manage Applicants in Q1 2024. See Manage Applicants Overview.

You can add applicants to requisitions for which they did not apply by using the Add to Requisition feature. Applicants can be added in a batch or individually. Adding an applicant to another requisition does not affect the existing requisition. The applicant appears on the new requisition as though they applied for the job themselves.

When an applicant is added, they will not need to complete application steps in the new requisition that are identical to application steps in the requisition from which they were added or moved. Also, the recruiter can choose to persist the original status or select a new status when moving an applicant.

In addition, applicant documents and attachments on the Applicant Profile page for the source requisition move with the applicant to the new requisition. The documents and attachments display on the Documents tab of the Applicant Profile page for the new requisition. For all attachments in the Attachments table, the status in the Applicant Status column is New Submission.

Note: Only candidates who checked the Consider me for other positions option when completing their application can be added to a requisition.

Add Applicant(s) to Requisition

To add an applicant to a requisition, select the applicant on the Manage Applicants page. Multiple applicants can be selected. Then, click the Add to Requisition link in the Actions drop-down. This opens the Add to Requisition pop-up.


Click Cancel to cancel the add to requisition action.

Click Done to add the applicant to the requisition.

Mobile-Friendly Candidate Experience Considerations

When an applicant is added or moved to a new requisition and some but not all answers have been answered from the first requisition, the applicant will continue with the second application using the mobile-friendly candidate workflow. In addition, the applicant's previously answered questions will populate in the new mobile-friendly workflow.

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