Cancel Interview Session

Interview sessions can be cancelled by removing all interviewers from the interview session.

To access the Interview Scheduler, click Schedule Interview from Manage Candidates. Or, navigate to the Statuses tab of the applicant's profile page, and then click Schedule Interview(s) in the applicable status panel.

To remove interviewers and cancel the session:

  1. Click the Trash Can icon to the right of the interviewer in the Interviewer Scheduler panel. This opens a confirmation pop-up indicating that removing an interviewer permanently deletes all partially or fully completed interview guides and recommendations that are associated with the interviewer for the session.
  2. Click Yes to remove the interviewer. Or, click No to cancel the removal action and close the pop-up.
  3. Click Save and Send to Interviewer(s). If all interviewers have been deleted, then clicking this button will remove the interview session from the page. If the Interview Cancelled Notification email is configured in Email Administration, then cancelling the session will trigger the email to be sent to the interviewers.
  4. The Interview Cancelled Notification email is not sent to the applicant. A system email is not available in Email Administration that will automatically notify an applicant when an interview has been cancelled. Instead, an email can be manually sent to the applicant from the Send Email or Send Customizable Email options from the Manage Applicants page or the Applicant Profile page.

    Note: Users who are not interviewers for any other interview session will no longer have access to the Interview Manager page after the session is cancelled. The link in the navigation tab for such users will be immediately removed.