Create Related Job Requisition

If enabled by the administrator in Requisition and Applicant Preferences, recruiters can create hierarchical relationships between job requisitions by adding child requisitions. Once a parent requisition is created, child requisitions can be added to the parent on the Create Requisition Family page. This page includes most of the same options that are available for the parent requisition but also includes an option to select the parent. In addition, since child requisitions must have the same job title as the parent, the Job Title field is disabled when creating child requisitions.

Note: The Related Requisitions functionality is not available at this time for career sites that are created using Mobile-Friendly Candidate Experience.

To create a related job requisition, navigate to the General tab of an existing requisition and click Add Related Requisition. See Create Job Requisition - General.

When creating a child requisition, all fields from the parent requisition are copied to the child. The parent requisition is automatically selected and displays in the Job Title field. The parent requisition to which the child requisition is associated cannot be changed. In addition, the Job Title field is disabled and cannot be modified.

Create Exact Copy of Parent Requisition

The child requisition can be created as an exact copy of the parent. To create an exact copy, keep all fields the same as the parent and submit the requisition from the External Postings tab.

Create Modified Copy of Parent Requisition

To create a modified version of the parent requisition, change any of the fields that can be changed on any of the tabs. Then, submit the requisition from the External Postings tab.

Add Related Requisition

When creating a child requisition, an Add Related Requisition link displays at the top of each page. This option allows recruiters to create additional child requisitions to associate to the parent requisition. This option is enabled once the child requisition is saved or submitted. The option displays on all tabs of the requisition and is available for recruiters with permission to view the parent requisition.

Clicking the Add Related Requisition link opens the Related Requisition Type pop-up.

Related Requisition Type Pop-Up

The Related Requisition Type pop-up allows recruiters to add either a related requisition or a related requisition that allows applicants to apply to multiple locations. Select one of the following options in the pop-up:

  • Related Requisition - This option is selected by default. When selected, recruiters can add a standard related requisition. With this related requisition type, applicants can only apply to one requisition at a time. In addition, the requisition template can be modified, which allows for multiple application workflows, depending on the configuration of the selected template.
  • Related Requisition (Apply to Multiple Jobs) - This option is unselected by default. When selected, recruiters can add related requisitions that allow applicants to apply at one time to each of the related requisitions associated to the parent requisition. In addition, the job title and requisition template cannot be modified, which means that each related requisition will have the same application workflow as the parent requisition.

Once the selection is made, click Done. This closes the pop-up and navigates the recruiter to the General tab of the related requisition. Any settings configured for the currently open requisition are saved. For the new child requisition, all settings configured for the parent requisition display for the child.

The Add Related Requisition link is only available for requisitions that are in an Open, Pending Approval, Open - Pending Re-Approval, or On-hold status.

View Related Requisitions

A View Related Requisitions link displays to the right of the Add Related Requisition link. This option is only available for recruiters with permission to view the parent requisition. This option is enabled once the child requisition is saved or submitted and does not display if there are no child requisitions created for the parent.

Clicking the View Related Requisitions link opens the Related Requisitions pop-up. The pop-up lists all requisitions related to the parent, in ascending order of requisition ID. The child requisition's requisition ID displays, as well as the location. If the child requisition has been saved, the pop-up displays the status as Draft. Recruiters can select a child requisition to navigate to the General tab of the selected requisition.


To save the child requisition without submitting it, click the Save button. This saves the child requisition as a draft.


Click Next to complete the next step of creating the child requisition.


Click Cancel to cancel creating the child requisition.


To submit the child requisition, click the Submit button on the Applicant Review tab. This submits the requisition and makes it available for applicants once the child is posted, based on the settings configured for internal and external postings. See Create/Edit Requisition - Applicant Review Tab Overview.

If applicants are not allowed to apply to the parent requisition, then submitting the child requisition also enables the parent requisition to be available on the career site's job search page so that applicants can select the parent requisition from the job search page, and then access the list of associated child requisitions to which they can apply.

Note: The Submit button and the Submit and Add Related Requisition button do not display on the Applicant Review tab for parent requisitions that are in a Closed status. The requisition cannot be submitted again, and related requisitions cannot be added.