Send Candidate Messages (Pilot)

Candidate Messaging gives recruiters the ability to send candidates an instant message within the Cornerstone Recruiting application. The candidate will receive an email, or in some cases an SMS, notifying them of the recruiter's message. The candidate can respond to the recruiter using a link in the notification, which will take them to a similar messaging experience on their desktop PC or mobile device.

Recruiters can view their own conversation with a candidate as well as any other users' conversations with the same candidate, allowing for easy cross-team visibility.

When used with SMS, Candidate Messaging offers recruiter's messages a much greater level of immediacy and reach. SMS commands significantly higher user engagement - a five times greater open-message rate and an eight times greater click-through rate - compared to email. In a competitive labor market, better visibility should significantly increase the ability to grab candidates' attention.

Send Candidate Message

Messages can be sent to one candidate or multiple candidates at a time.

To send a message:

  1. Click Send Message from the More drop-down on Manage Candidates. This opens the message flyout for either single candidate messaging or bulk messaging. Note: Bulk messaging is only available from Manage Candidates.
  2. The list of recipients displays in the To: box.
  3. Enter a message in the Message box. There is no character limit.
  4. Click Send. This sends the message via email or SMS, depending on the service set up in your portal.

SMS Service

With SMS service, candidates receive SMS notifications if they supply a working phone number on their application. SMS uses the phone number to send messages from the candidate messaging application to a candidate's mobile device.

The SMS service lets you:

  • Programmatically provision new sub-account and long-codes for a given customer
  • Programmatically send unread message notifications to candidates via SMS messages using a customer's provisioned long-codes
  • Track usage and billing information at a sub-account level
  • Export or otherwise report on usage and billing information for your Finance team

When you have SMS set up in your portal, messages that you send to candidates are sent via SMS instead of email.