Candidate Messaging Inbox for Recruiters (Pilot)

With this enhancement, a new Candidate Message page is added to Recruiting. The Candidate Message page acts like an inbox for recruiters to view and send candidate messages. A candidate's entire message history is available from this page and is visible to the recruiting team.

You can send instant messages directly from this page for real-time communication with your candidates.

To access the inbox, go to Recruit > Candidate Messages. The inbox is available from mobile devices or desktop.

Message Board

Messages sent by you and the recruiting team to the candidate display on the main message board. You can view your messages and those of the recruiting team by clicking through each user's message board.

At the bottom of the board, you can send new instant messages to the candidate.

Active Messages

Active messages display on the left panel. These are considered active communications with candidates for the job.

If there are any unread messages, a blue circle appears to the left of the candidate's name.

Archived Messages

You can archive an exchange so that the messages no longer appear in the Active panel.

To archive an exchange, click Archive at the bottom of the board.