Batch Process Page - Assign Assessment Action

The Assign Assessment action allows recruiters to assign an assessment to the applicants in the group. The process of assigning an assessment from the Batch Process page is the same process as assigning an assessment from the Manage Applicants page. For information about and instructions for assigning assessments, see the Manage Applicants - Assign Assessment Task topic in Online Help.

Details Page

When actions are submitted for processing on the Batch Process page, a Details page displays after the action is submitted. The Details page allows recruiters to see that the action was successful for each applicant in the group. Applicants display in the Details table in alphabetical order.

The following information displays on the page:

Feature Description
Actions Drop-Down The Actions drop-down enables recruiters to select another action for the group. To select another action, click the drop-down and select the action. This opens the application for configuring the action.
Include Successful Actions This option is checked by default. When checked, successful actions display. When unchecked, no results display in the Details table, as there are no unsuccessful results to display for the Assign Assessment action.
Name The Name column displays the applicant's name.
Details The Details column displays "Successful" to indicate that the action was successful for the applicant.
Back Click Back to return to the Manage Applicants page. Any processing actions made on the Batch Process page are saved.
Close Tab

Click Close Tab to close the group tab that is currently open. Any processing actions made on the tab are saved.

When the tab is closed, the next available tab displays. If there are no tabs left to display, then clicking Close Tab returns the recruiter to the Manage Applicants page.