Print My Team - Secondary ID Card

The printable version of the My Team secondary ID cards offers a way to organize and view My Team content and provides offline access to important employee data. The Export to PDF link, found in the upper-right corner of the My Team page, opens the Print My Team pop-up on which you can choose the data to print. The order in which the data displays on the document follows the order of the tabs and links configured to display in the Print My Team pop-up.

Note: Interactive features and expand/collapse arrows are removed on the print version. Options columns and icons do not display (Certification sublink content). All sections begin with a universal header to maintain a consistent look and feel.

Print My Team Pop-Up

The Print My Team pop-up contains a list of each My Team tab and sublink that is available to you to print. You can select the tabs and sublinks to include. You can also choose to print each tab on a separate page or on as few pages as possible. All checkboxes are checked by default, as well as the Include the Full User Record radio button and the Print My Team on as few pages as possible checkbox.

The checkbox next to a tab name functions as a select all. Unchecking the select all box unchecks all sublinks beneath it. Individual sublinks can be removed from the printout by unchecking the box next to the sublink name.

If a user does not have permission to view and print any of the links within a tab, the tab does not display in My Team or on the Print My Team pop-up. Further, the Export to PDF link does not display for users who do not have permission to print a My Team profile. See Print My Team Overview.

Note: The Calendar tab is not available for print. The names and order of the tabs and sublinks may differ in your portal, depending on the settings in your portal, depending on the settings in My Team/Talent Profile Preferences (by Division). For example, some portals may configure two Certification sublinks in the Profile tab: one to display a user's completed certifications and another to display the content of a user's Certifications Transcript page.

To print a user's My Team content:

  1. Tasks - Check the box to select all sublinks in the Tasks tab.
    • Archived - Print the Archived sublink content.
    • Career Profile - Print the Career Profile sublink content.
  2. Profile - Check the box to select all sublinks in the Profile tab. Note: When this box is checked, the Profile sublink content also prints.
    • Transcript - Print the Transcript sublink content. Within the Transcript, managers can select which sections of the transcript are included in the PDF (e.g., Active, Completed, Archived, Removed). These options correspond with the available views on the Profile - Transcript page.
      • The Transcript sub-options can only be selected if the Transcript option is selected. If the Transcript option is not selected, then the transcript sub-sections cannot be selected. If the Transcript view is sorted within My Team, then the PDF output is also sorted.
      • Only the views that are sorted within My Team are sorted in the PDF output. For example, if the Completed tab is sorted by completion date, then the Completed transcript data appears sorted by completion date in the PDF as well. However, if another tab is not sorted, then that data appears in the PDF in the default sort order for the tab.
    • Certifications - Print the Certification sublink content. Note: Only the newer Certification sublink content is available to print.
    • Resume - Print the Resume sublink content.
    • Peers - Print the Peers sublink content.
    • Connect - Print the Connect Page sublink content.
    • User Certification - Print the User Certification sublink content.
  3. Performance - Check the box to select all sublinks in the Performance tab.
    • Goals - Print the Goals sublink content.
    • Dev Plans - Print the Dev Plans sublink content.
    • Competencies - Print the Competencies sublink content.
    • Reviews - Print the Reviews sublink content.
    • Succession - Print the Succession sublink content.
  4. Comments - Check to print the Comments tab content.
  5. Print each My Team section on a separate page - Select the radio button to print each tab on a separate page. Tabs with multiple pages are separated by a page break.
  6. Print My Team on as few pages as possible - Select the radio button to print the content without page breaks.

See Print My Team Output Example.

Users with Internet Explorer 8 or Below

If using Internet Explorer 8 or below, an Internet Options Security setting must be modified in order to enable printing of My Team content.

To modify the setting:

  1. Click the Tools menu in your browser window.
  2. Click Internet Options. The Internet Options pop-up opens.
  3. Click the Security tab.
  4. Click the Custom Level button. The Security Settings - Internet Zone pop-up opens.
  5. In the Downloads section, enable Automatic prompting for file downloads.
  6. Click OK to close the Security Settings - Internet Zone pop-up.
  7. Click OK to save the setting and close the Internet Options pop-up.