Create an Organizational Chart

Create an organization chart to display your organization's hierarchy. You can add, edit, and remove employees, modify display options, and print the chart.

To create an organizational chart:

  1. Go to My Team > Organization Chart.
  2. Click the Add New Draft link. You can create up to five drafts.
  3. In the Draft field, enter a title for the org chart. This is required.
  4. In the Top Manager field, select the top manager for the org chart.
  5. From the Zoom field, select a zoom level, which affects the way the org chart appears and the options that are available. There are three zoom options available: Small, Medium, Large.
    • Small - The Small view displays the names on ID cards. The ID cards are smaller in width and height, employee pictures do not appear, and the Talent profile is not accessible for any employee.

    • Medium - The Medium view displays the names and pictures on ID cards. The ID card height and width are larger than the small zoom setting and the Talent profile is accessible.

    • Large - The Large view displays Name, Position, and Picture on ID cards. The ID cards display in its max height and width and the Talent profile is accessible.

Expand/Collapse the Hierarchy

To expand or collapse the hierarchy to view information about the employee's team or to drill in to the hierarchy of any employee, click the View Direct Reports icon on the ID card of that user. The hierarchy expands or collapses depending on it's current position. If a user does not have the View Direct Reports icon, that indicates the user does not have direct reports.

Move Employees

To move employees within the organizational chart, drag and drop the employee's ID card to another manager's ID card. This will move the employee to another manager's team. The top manager's ID card at the top of the org chart cannot be moved.

View Additional User Options

To view additional options for a user, click the down arrow on the ID card. These options are available for all ID cards in the org chart, including any vacant positions or positions that are manually added to the org chart. The following options are available:

  • Add Position - This adds a direct report position under the employee. Clicking the Add Position icon, opens an Add Position pop-up where the user can enter the title of the position and add an employee to the position. Any updates do not affect the actual user hierarchies. The new position is added as a direct report to the selected employee. If you add an employee to the position, then that employee appears in the ID card of the position. The selected employee's picture and full name appear on the ID card, based on the zoom setting. The employee's current position does not appear on the ID card; instead the new position title appear, based on the zoom setting. If an employee is not added to the position, then the position appears as a vacant position on the organizational chart.
  • Edit - Clicking on the Edit icon opens the Edit Position pop-up where you can edit the title of the position, remove the employee in the position, or replace the user in the position. Any updates do not affect the actual user hierarchies. If the employee in the position is removed, then the position appears as a vacant position on the org chart.
  • Remove - Clicking on the Remove icon opens a pop-up where you can confirm the removal of the position. Any updates only apply to the org chart and do not update user hierarchies. Removing a position removes the position and user from the org chart. If there are subordinate employees under the position, then removing the position removes the position and employee and any subordinate positions and employees from the org chart.

View Other Areas

To view other areas of the organizational chart (either vertically or horizontally), click and drag the white space on the org chart page in any direction using the mouse to view the desired location. For example, if the right side of the org chart is not visible, click any of the white space in the org chart and drag the chart to the left in order to view the area to the right as if you are shifting the image to the left. This works in any direction.

Modify Display Options

To modify the display options to specify how the organization chart is displayed based on succession, click the Display Options link in the upper-left corner of the org chart. The pop-up allows you to display the org chart against a specific metric. Select one of the available metrics and click the Update Chart button:

  • Succession Metric - Select from the View By drop-down to color code the organization chart based on a specific succession rating. Search for any succession rating scale metric; only one metric may be selected. You can choose to filter the chart by specific ratings within the metric. Only users who have the selected ratings appear. If an employee does not meet the filtering requirements, but have direct or indirect reports that do, the employee's ID card still appears on the organization chart but is gray in color. A Not Rated rating appears for those employees who have not been rated against the selected metric or who have been rated as N/A. Each ID on the organization chart is color coded by their respective rating based on the display options except for the user's own ID card. The organization chart displays the most recent ratings for each employee in the organization chart. The ID cards are color coded based on the employee's rating for the succession rating scale metric. Not Rated is always gray. The org chart only color codes employees that fall in to the user's Organization Chart permission constraints. Employees who do not fall into these constraints are not color coded. Based on the display options, a legend appears in the upper-right corner displaying the colors and respective ratings and can be expanded and collapsed. If filtering is used, then only the selected, ratings appear in the legend. Only those employees appear on the organization chart that has the selected ratings for the selected metric. If an employee does not meet the filtering requirements, but have direct or indirect reports that do, the employee's ID card still appear on the organization chart but are gray in color.
  • None - Select this option to remove color coding from the chart.

Print the Chart

To print the chart, click the Print Chart icon in the upper-right corner of the org chart. This opens a browser tab where you can choose to save or print to PDF. The organization chart prints in landscape format. The current view of the chart prints all on one page. Only teams that are expanded on the org chart appear expanded on the print view. The chart shrinks to fit on one page for the print out. The print view displays the ID cards based on the zoom setting selected for the chart. If display options are set on the organization chart, the display options also export to PDF. The legend appear on each page of the print out.