My Team - Recognize Employee

To give an employee a recognition award from My Team:

  1. Select My Team.
  2. On the left, select the employee you are recognizing.
  3. Select the Comments tab. See My Team - Comments Overview.
  4. Click the Recognize User link. This opens the Employee Recognition pop-up. This link is only available to users with permission to grant employee recognition awards.
  5. In the pop-up, use the left and right arrows to select the desired award.
  6. In the field, enter a personal message to accompany the award. This is optional and the character limit is 50 characters.
  7. The Award date is set to the current date and the Awarded by is set to the user giving the award.

Awards appear in the comment feed for the user that receives the award along with a date stamp and the name of the user that granted the award. The user that granted the award is able to remove the award comment by clicking the Remove icon next to the comment in the comment feed.