Training Unit (Key Code) Management

The Training Unit (Key Code) Management page enables key code contacts to view training unit key code balances. Note: Key codes can only be edited from the Track Training Unit Assignment page (Training Unit Administration).

This page is hidden by default, and must be enabled by the administrator through the navigation tabs and links. The link, page header, and page instructions can be edited via navigation tabs and links.

To access the Training Unit (Key Code) Management page, go to Learning > Manage Training Unit Key Codes.

To search for a key code by title, enter the title in the search field and click the Search button. Select the Include Completed or Expired Distributions option to also search for key code distributions that have been completed or are expired.

For each key code distribution, the table displays the following information:

  • Title - The distribution title.
  • Acquired Date - The date the training unit distribution was assigned.
  • Training Units - The number of training units originally in the distribution.
  • Used - The number of training units that are redeemed.
  • Available - The number of training units still available in the distribution.
  • Expires - The date the training units expire if applicable.

Click the arrow to the left of the distribution title to view how the training units are distributed within the distribution.

To edit the details of the distribution, in the Options column, click the Edit icon.

  • To edit the expiration date, click the Edit icon to the right of the expiration date.
  • To select an additional training unit contact for the key code, click the Select Training Unit Contact pop-up icon.
  • To remove a contact person, click the Trash icon to the left of the contact's name.
  • To edit the key code availability amount, modify the value in the Amount column. Training unit amounts can be represented using up to two decimal places.
  • Add any necessary comments in the Comments field.