SF-182 Request Management

The SF-182 Request Management page allows administrators and managers to manage SF-182 requests. On this page, you can do the following:

  • Create an SF-182 request for a user.
  • Edit an SF-182 request submitted by a user.
  • Copy an SF-182 request submitted by a user.
  • View a printable version of an SF-182 request.

The SF-182 Requests table is sorted by newest to oldest date submitted. All columns are sortable except the Options column.

To access the SF-182 Request Management page, go to the Your Inbox widget on the Welcome page and select the Approve SF-182 Requests link. You can also access the page through the SF-182 Form Management navigation tab.

SF-182 Request Management

The following features and fields are available on this page:

  • Create New Request - Click the Create New Request link to create a new SF-182 request for one or more users. See Create/Edit/Copy SF-182 Request Overview for additional information. In order to successfully submit an SF-182 request, your administrator must configure approval steps on the SF-182 Preferences page. See Set SF-182 Preferences - Set Approvals.
  • Search - Enter search filter options in the Training Title or Request ID. Or, select one or more statuses from the Status drop-down. Click Search.
  • Pending Prerequisites table - This table includes the following columns:
    • Requested by - This column displays the user that requested the training.
    • Training Title - This column displays the title of the external training.
    • Request ID - This column displays the ID number of the request.
    • Date Submitted - This column displays the date on which the request was submitted. If the request has not been submitted yet, "N/A" appears. Requests that have not been submitted appear at the top of the sort order.
    • Status - This column displays the status of the request.
    • Approval - Click the Approve or Deny icon to access the Approve/Deny SF-182 Request page on which you can perform approve/deny actions. The icons only appear if the form is in a Pending Approval status.
    • Options - The following options are available in the Options column:
      • Edit - Click the Edit icon to edit the request. The icon is only visible if the manager is allowed to edit the request during the current step of the form.
      • Copy - Click the Copy icon to copy the request. When copying a request, the Training and Cost fields are copied. The information in the User Details section is not copied; the manager or administrator must choose the users.
      • Print - Click the Print icon to print the request.