SF-182 Request Management

The SF-182 Request Management page allows administrators and managers to manage SF-182 requests. On this page, you can perform the following actions:

  • Create an SF-182 request for a user.
  • Edit an SF-182 request submitted by a user.
  • Copy an SF-182 request submitted by a user.
  • View a printable version of an SF-182 request.

The SF-182 Requests table is sorted by newest to oldest date submitted. All columns are sortable except the Options column.

To access the SF-182 Request Management page, go to the Your Inbox widget on the Welcome page and select the Approve SF-182 Requests link. You can also access the page through the SF-182 Form Management navigation tab.

Create New Request

Click the Create New Request link to create a new SF-182 request for one or more users. In order to successfully submit an SF-182 request, your administrator must configure approval steps on the SF-182 Preferences page. See Set SF-182 Preferences - Set Approvals.


Enter search filter options in the Training Title or Request ID. Or, select one or more statuses from the Status drop-down. Click Search.

Pending Prerequisites Table

This table includes the following columns:

  • Requested by - This column displays the user that requested the training.
  • Training Title - This column displays the title of the external training.
  • Request ID - This column displays the ID number of the request.
  • Date Submitted - This column displays the date on which the request was submitted. If the request has not been submitted yet, "N/A" appears. Requests that have not been submitted appear at the top of the sort order.
  • Status - This column displays the status of the request.
  • Approval - Click the Approve or Deny icon to access the Approve/Deny SF-182 Request page on which you can perform approve/deny actions. The icons only appear if the form is in a Pending Approval status. See Approve Deny SF-182 Request.

The following options are available in the Options column:

  • Edit - Click the Edit icon to edit the request. The icon is only visible if the manager is allowed to edit the request during the current step of the form.
  • Copy - Click the Copy icon to copy the request. When copying a request, the Training and Cost fields are copied. The original users that were added to the original form are included in the copy. For example, if there were ten users on the original form and the form is copied, all ten users will be included on the copied form.
  • Print - Click the Print icon to print the request.