SF-182 Forms - Add Completion Evidence

Users and approvers can add completion documentation to SF-182 requests to provide evidence of the completion. Users and approvers can view previously attached or attach new completion documents from the training details of the SF-182 Request form on the user's transcript. Note: Completion documents cannot be added to SF-182 requests that are in a Denied, Draft, or Completed status.

  • Both users and approvers can view and add completion documents to a SF-182 request by navigating to the Training Details page for the SF-182 request form on a user's transcript and selecting the Completion Documents icon.

To add the documentation to a request via the Completion Documents page:

  1. Click the Choose Files button and select the relevant document(s) from your computer.
  2. Click the Add button. The document will be uploaded to the SF-182 request.
  3. Click the Submit button to save your changes and finish attaching the completion documents to the SF-182 request. Once a request has moved to a Completed status, no completion documents can be added to or removed from the request.

Note: Completion documents can also be added to SF-182 requests in bulk by administrators.See SF-182 Request Management - Bulk Mark Complete.


  • If a user and an approver both attempt to upload the same document to the same SF-182 request, a message appears stating that a duplicate file has been recognized, and the file cannot be added a second time.