Create SF-182 Request Overview

Administrators and managers can create an SF-182 request for one or more users at a time. The following are the four steps for completing the form:

  1. Training
  2. Costs and Billing
  3. User Details
  4. Confirm

To access the Create SF-182 External Training Request page, click the Create New Request link from the SF-182 Request Management page. In order to successfully submit an SF-182 request, your administrator must configure approval steps on the SF-182 Preferences page. See Set SF-182 Preferences - Set Approvals.

SF-182 Form Instructions

To view instructions for completing the form, click the Download Instructions link in the upper-right corner of any step. Note: The Download Instructions link only appears if instructions are created by the administrator. If the link does not appear, then an instructions document is not available.

Required, Read-Only, and Preconfigured Fields

Some fields may be required or read-only, depending on how the administrator has configured the form. In addition, some fields may already contain a default value that is configured by the administrator. Preconfigured fields may be editable or read-only, depending on how the administrator has configured the form.

In-Progress SF-182 Forms

Forms that are in progress can be saved and completed at a later time. The Course Title field must be filled out and at least one user must be selected on the User Details step in order to save the form. Click Save Draft Form For All Users at the bottom of step 1, 2, or 3 to save a draft of the form. The form appears on the user's transcript with a status of Not Submitted.

To return to an in-progress form, click Edit from the Options column of the SF-182 Request Management page.