Create SF-182 Request - Step 1 - Training

Administrators and managers can create an SF-182 request for one or more users at a time. On the Training step of the request creation process, populate the following fields:

Training Information

  • Course Title - Enter the course title, up to 400 characters.
  • Course Number Code - Enter the course number code, up to 250 characters.
  • Training Start Date - Enter the start date. Or, click the Calendar icon to select a date from the calendar feature.
  • Training End Date - Enter the end date. Or, click the Calendar icon to select a date from the calendar feature.
  • Training Duty Hours - Enter the number of duty hours.
  • Training Non-Duty Hours - Enter the number of non-duty hours.
  • Training Objective - Enter the objective of the training, up to 1000 characters.

Training and Vendor Location

  • Vendor Name - Click the Select icon to open the Choose a Vendor pop-up. Select a vendor by clicking the plus sign in the Add column next to the vendor name. This closes the Choose a Vendor pop-up and enters the vendor name in the field.
  • Vendor Contact Information - Enter the vendor's street address, city, state, zip, phone number, and email address.
  • Training Location Address - Check the option to indicate that the training is located at the same address as the vendor. This populates the address fields with the information in the Vendor Contact area. If the address is not the same, enter the street address, city, state, and zip.


  • Training Purpose Type Code
  • Training Type Code
  • Training Sub Type Code
  • Training Delivery Type Code
  • Training Designation Type Code
  • Training Credit Type Code
  • Training Credit
  • Training Source Type Code
  • Training Accreditation Indicator
  • Continued Service Agreement Required - If the administrator has configured this field to be required, then Yes will be preselected. You are required to download and complete the Continued Service Agreement form, and then attach the completed form to the request. If an expiration date is not preconfigured by the administrator, then enter the form's expiration date in the Continued Service Agreement Expiration Date field. Note: The completed Continued Service Agreement form appears in the printable view of the request.

If completing the Continued Service Agreement form is not required, then No will be preselected and you are not required to complete the form or enter an expiration date.

  • Click Save Draft Form For All Users to add the form request to the users' transcript. Once the request appears on the user's transcript, the request functions in the same way that it would if the user submitted the request themselves. Note:The Course Title field must be completed and at least one user added on Step 3 in order for the form to be saved.
  • Click Next to go to Step 2. See Create SF-182 Request - Step 2 - Costs and Billing.
  • Click Cancel to cancel the form.