Manage Pending Training Requests - Manager/Approver

Managers and approvers can manage pending training requests from the View Pending Requests page. To access the View Pending Requests page, go to the Welcome page and click the Approve Training link in the Your Inbox widget.

Note: The Your Inbox widget must be enabled for the portal by the administrator. If the Your Inbox widget is not enabled, then managers can manage pending training approvals on the Action Items tab in My Team.

To manage training approvals on the View Pending Requests page:

  1. Find the pending request you wish to approve, defer, or deny.
    1. Click the Approve , Defer , or Deny icon under the Options column.
      • If a training purpose with a category that requires a two-step process is associated with the LO, the Purpose column displays. The category must be selected in the Select Category drop-down prior to approving or denying the training. If there is only one category configured for the training purpose, then the field is always pre-selected and read-only.
    2. The Approve/Defer/Deny Request page opens. Comments can be entered in the Comments box but are not required. Comments display in the Approval History section on the Training Details page of the user's transcript.
    3. For approvals and if applicable to your organization, enter a percentage in the Employee pays by credit card field.
    4. Click Submit.
      • If an external training requiring completion approval is also associated with a certification that has the Delegate the approval process of external training to user's manager option selected, then you are taken to the Certification Approval Requests page. See Certification Requests - Managers.
  2. On the user's transcript, the status that displays is dependent upon the option the manager or approver chooses from the Options column.
    • If configured for the LO, an email confirmation request is sent to the user upon approval.

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When Approval is required for training, the approval is routed in the following manner:

  • If a training purpose with conditional approvals is associated with the LO and the LO does not have a predefined approval workflow, then the training purpose approval workflow is followed.
    • If there are no categories associated with the purpose and the LO requires one approval, then the status of the LO for the user is Approved if the manager is defined as an approver.
    • If a category is associated with the purpose and the LO requires one approval, then if the manager is defined as an approver, the manager is required to select a category on the approval page for each assigned user before the status of the LO on the user's transcript is Approved.
    • If the approver selects a category that applies a conditional approval, the system adds the conditional approval upon completion of the current approver's approval or denial action. Conditional approvals defined for a category are only applied upon the approval or denial made by the first approver and cannot be reapplied by a second approver even if the category is changed. However, if an approval is deferred by the first approver, then the second approver acts as the first approver when applying conditional approvals.
    • For Initial requests, the training purpose is read-only, and category is a required field. For Completion requests, the training purpose and category are read-only.
  • When training is deferred, the request is sent to the next approver in the Approval chain.