Assign Training Units

The Assign Training Units page allows you to distribute specific amounts of training units to individual users within an OU or group. The distributor does not have the ability to create new training units, but can distribute training units that are made available for a specific OU or group.

In the upper-right corner, the Total Training Units Available displays, which is the total number of training units you can assign to members of that OU. The Training Units to be Assigned is the sum of the amounts entered in the Assign Amount fields below. This number is updated as you enter each user's amount. For example, if you have entered 33 units and then you enter 15 for another user, that total updates to 48 to reflect the 15 you entered. Training unit amounts can be represented using up to two decimal places.

The Current Balance column shows the number of training units each user currently has assigned to them.

When you click Submit, the units are officially assigned. When you click Cancel, none of the training units entered are assigned.