Expert Q & A (Old Knowledge Bank)

Expert Q & A is an Expert Query tool to align subject matter experts with those seeking expertise.

Topic Management is only available to users identified as Topic Managers and can only be accessed by adding the page to Navigation Tabs and Links preferences, so navigation will vary.

Adding an Expert to a Topic

To add an expert to a topic:

  1. Access the Topic Management page.
  2. Click Edit icon to edit the Topic.
  3. Click the Click to Add an Expert link to add an expert or multiple experts to the topic.

Answering Questions as an Expert

To answer a question as an expert:

  1. Navigate to the Knowledge page.
  2. Click the Expert Q&A link
  3. View:
    1. All Questions - Select this filter to display both answered and unanswered questions.
    2. Only Unanswered Questions - Select this filter to display only questions without responses.
  4. Click the Answer option to respond to posted questions.
    1. Answer - Enter free-form text into this field.
    2. Browse - Select this option to attach a file.
      • Open Select this option to attach the file. The Browse section will populate with file path. Click Add to attach a file.
    3. Click Submit

Helpful Hints - Posting Replies

  • Multiple topic experts can post a reply to an Expert Q&A posting.
  • When adding someone as a expert, they will be dynamically assigned the security role Knowledge Bank Topic Expert.

Helpful Hints - Available Emails

  • The Question Asked in Area of Expertise email is triggered when a user posts a question in the Knowledge Bank.
  • The Question Answered email is triggered when the Topic Expert has answered a Knowledge Bank question.