Topic Management (Old Knowledge Bank)

Topic Management is only available to users identified as Topic Managers and can only be accessed by adding the page to Navigation Tabs and Links preferences, therefore navigation will vary.

  1. Access the Topic Management page.
  2. Click title of Topic to manage postings within the topic
  3. Click Edit icon to edit the Topic
    1. Keywords - enter if desired
    2. Approval Required - to require Topic Manager approval before postings are visible.
      • The approval required check box requires users to gain approval before submitting a posting to that topic. Postings that must be approved include discussions, documents, expert Q&A questions and online resources.
      • Expert Q&A postings requiring approvals are routed first through the Topic Manager then through the topic expert.
    3. Click to add an expert - to add a user who is to respond to questions entered in Expert Q&A; the user will receive the role dynamically
  4. Click Submit button

Approve and Deny Topic Posting

  1. Access the Topic Management page.
  2. Click title of Topic to manage postings within the topic
  3. Approve or Deny a posting
    1. Click the Approve/Deny link
    2. Click to Approve Request or Deny Request

Helpful Hints - Designating Topic Manager/Experts

  • Each topic can have multiple Topic Managers and Topic Experts. Each Topic Expert may reply to an Expert Q&A question.
  • Only Experts designated in that topic and category can respond to the question. See - Expert Q&A.

Helpful Hints - Posting Approvals

  • Topic Manager must approve all new questions before they are visible to the Topic Expert and available for responses.
  • When a posting is denied, the status changes within the administrators knowledge bank screen.

Helpful Hints - New Items

The number of postings that have been added but not yet viewed by the Topic Manager even if the posting does not require approval. After the posting has been viewed, it is no longer considered new.

Helpful Hints - Topic Managers

  • Topic Managers have the ability to:
    • Edit and remove a topic
    • Create posting
    • Approve or deny all postings
    • Require Approval for postings
    • Designate experts

Helpful Hints - Availability

  • Administrators can control the topic availability by organizational unit, individual or enterprise-wide.
  • Availability for Knowledge Bank topics can be assigned under the Admin tab and Knowledge Bank links. See - Create a Knowledge Bank Topic.

Helpful Hints - Available Emails

  • Question Asked in Area of Expertise email triggers when a user posts a question in the Knowledge Bank.
  • Question Answered email triggers when the Topic Expert has answered a Knowledge Bank question.
  • Knowledge Bank Posting Request email triggers when a user adds a Knowledge Bank posting which requires approval.