Compensation Task - Contact Administrator

The Contact Administrator pop-up enables compensation managers to send a message to the administrator for the compensation task.

To send a message to the administrator for the compensation task, select Contact Administrator from the Options drop-down in the User Profile Dashboard.

This option is only available if an administrator contact is defined for the compensation task.

Message Content

  • To - This displays the name of the administrator for the compensation task who will receive the message.
  • Subject - Enter a descriptive subject for the message.
  • Message - Enter the message text. Be sure to provide all of the details regarding your question, concern, or statement.

Note: When the option to contact the administrator is selected, the email is sent from the corporate account email address, and the Reply-To is set to the actual administrator.

Send or Cancel

After entering the subject and message, click Send to send the message to the administrator, or click Cancel to discard the message.