Compensation Task - Adjust Budget - Individual

The Adjust Budget - Individual pop-up enables compensation managers to make adjustments to the compensation budget for an individual subordinate. The compensation manager can adjust the budget for all components in the compensation task that have a Fixed Amount or % of Base budget type.

Budget adjustments are only applied to compensation tasks that have a status of Not Started or In Progress.

Note: Co-planners can also adjust budgets.

To adjust budgets for an individual subordinate, select Adjust Budget - Individual from the Options drop-down in the User Profile Dashboard.

This option is only available if the compensation manager is within the Budget Adjustment Availability criteria that is defined for the compensation task and when viewing the User Profile Dashboard of a subordinate compensation manager.

Pop-up Title

The pop-up title indicates the name of the compensation manager whose budgets are being adjusted. For example, if budgets are being adjusted for John Doe, then John Doe's name appears in the pop-up title.


This displays the system's default currency.

Component Budget Table

The Component Budget Table displays the following information:

  • Component - This column displays each component included in the compensation task, regardless of budget type.
  • Current Budget - This column displays the component's current calculated budget value for the compensation manager. For example, if the template specified a budget of 3.0% of base, then the Current Budget column displays the actual calculated amount instead of the percentage.
  • New Budget - This column enables the compensation manager to set a new budget for the component.
    • A new budget can only be set for components that have a Fixed Amount or % of Base budget type.
    • This column is blank for components that have a Sum of Targets or None budget type.
    • This column displays Cascaded for components that have a Cascaded budget type.

Adjust Budgets

To adjust a component budget, enter a new value in the appropriate field and save the changes. New budgets must be defined as a fixed amount, regardless of how the budget was initially calculated.

  • New budgets cannot be lower than current budgets.
  • New budgets must be within the threshold set for task budget adjustments.

Modification History

This section displays all modifications that have been made to the compensation manager's budget. The most recent modification appears at the top. The modification includes the component, the name of the person who made the modification, and the modification date.

Save or Cancel

After entering the appropriate budget adjustments, click Save to save all adjustments, or click Cancel to discard all adjustments.