Create Purchase by Proxy - Shopping Cart and Checkout

During a Purchase by Proxy, the user's shopping cart and payment preferences are observed.

The recipient of the training is noted in the Recipient column of the shopping cart.

Shopping Cart

For inventory purchases, the administrator has the ability to edit the quantities for items. The availability of inventory functionality observes the user's permissions, rather than the administrator's.

The Continue Shopping option is not available during a Purchase by Proxy.

If Coupon Codes are enabled and the user's payment preferences allow coupons, the administrator is able to apply coupon codes during this step.

When creating a purchase by proxy, administrators with the appropriate permission can override the price for a training item on the Shopping Cart page. See Purchase by Proxy - Price Override.

Checkout - Payment

All payment functionality remains the same as if the user is making the purchase. The administrator has access to the user's stored credit card information and can update the user's stored credit card information if a billing profile is enabled and established. When paying by credit card, the administrator must still enter the CVV number to complete the purchase.

Checkout - Review

The user's name and billing address display.

When the order is placed, any active emails are triggered based on the user's email preferences. The user is considered the purchaser for this transaction.

Checkout - Confirmation

The Print option is not available. The administrator can print the invoice on the Order Details page if necessary.