User Record Auditing

With User Record Auditing, administrators can audit all modifications to employee data. This provides administrators complete insight into what fields have been modified, when they were modified, what they were modified from and to, and the user who made the modification.

User Record Auditing is intended to enable organizations to track changes to user records more easily.

User Record Auditing is a feature that is included with Cornerstone HR.

User Record Modifications

Changes to the user record that are made from the following areas of the system are tracked and audited:

  • User Record
  • My Account
  • Self Registration
  • Old Forms
  • New Forms
  • Data Load Wizard


  • Any changes that are made to the user record from areas not listed in the User Record Modifications section above are not audited.
  • Users must have permission to view the user record field in order to view the changes in the Modification History section.
  • The field must be available to the user in order to view the changes in the Modification History section.
  • When User Record Auditing is enabled, the Modification History section displays all audited changes to the user record. However, if the Changed From and Changed To values are not available, then "Not tracked" is displayed in these columns.


When Cornerstone HR is enabled for a portal, then this functionality is also enabled.

The availability of the User Record Auditing functionality is controlled by a backend setting, which is disabled by default.

Enabling Cornerstone HR requires data migration. Because of this, Cornerstone HR can only be activated by submitting a case to Global Customer Support.


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