User Record - User ID

When Cornerstone HR and the System Generated User ID functionality are enabled, a User ID is automatically generated when a user is added to the system. The system-generated User ID value is entered in the User ID field for the new user. Once a User ID value is generated, that value is permanently reserved and cannot be reused.

  • If the administrator does not have permission to view or edit the User ID field, the User ID is generated and stored, but the User ID field and value are not displayed on the page.
  • If the administrator has permission to view the User ID field, the User ID is displayed on the page, but the administrator cannot modify the value.
  • If the administrator who is creating the user has permission to edit the User ID field for the user, then the administrator can edit the system-generated User ID. As a best practice, the User ID value should not be edited after it is generated. In order to control this, administrators should only be granted permission to view the User ID field for users. This enables them to view the value, but they cannot edit the value.

The User ID value is generated according to the User ID Generation Rules. See User ID Generation Rules.