System Generated User ID

The System Generated User ID functionality enables the system to automatically generate a unique ID for users who are created within the system. This enables organizations to create users without either manually defining a unique user ID for each user or relying on a 3rd party CoreHR (HRIS) system to generate unique user IDs for users.

When this functionality is enabled, a user ID is automatically generated for any user who is created within the system. User IDs can still be fed in to the system from 3rd party HRIS systems. That is, some users may be created in other systems and then fed in to the Cornerstone system, while other users are created within the Cornerstone system with a system generated ID.

The System Generated User ID functionality is included with Cornerstone HR.


  • When this functionality is enabled, existing users are not assigned User IDs. This functionality only impacts newly created users.
  • If the administrator who is creating the user has permission to edit the User ID field for the user on the user record, then the administrator can edit the system-generated User ID. As a best practice, the User ID value should not be edited after it is generated. In order to control this, administrators should only be granted permission to view the User ID field for users. This enables them to view the value, but they cannot edit the value.
  • Self-registration groups can be configured to utilize this functionality. If this functionality must be disabled, then all self-registration groups should be configured so that they are not utilizing this functionality prior to it being disabled.


When Cornerstone HR is enabled for a portal, then this functionality is also enabled.

The System Generated User ID functionality is only available when using Cornerstone HR and is controlled by a backend setting, which is disabled by default.


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