Duplicate User Prevention

When an organization using Cornerstone HR creates new users, the system can be configured to evaluate whether the new users are similar to existing user records. This is done in order to prevent the same user from being added to the system more than once.

If configured, the system evaluates whether new users are duplicates of existing users when new users are added to the system from the Admin > Users page and the Data Load Wizard.

By ensuring duplicate records are not created, user record management is simpler and more effective.

The Duplicate User Management Preferences page enables administrators to configure which standard and custom fields are used to identify potential duplicate users. The system uses the selected fields to compare the user being added to all existing users. See Duplicate User Management Preferences.

The Pending User Records page enables administrators to view all of the pending user records that have been identified as likely duplicates of existing user records. These records have not yet been created in the system. For each pending user record, administrators can view each of the existing user records that are similar to the pending user record. See Pending User Records.

When adding users via the Admin > Users page, the system identifies potential duplicate users. Administrators are alerted when a potential duplicate user is identified:

Best Practice

When performing your initial load of users, be sure duplicate prevention is off.

Use Cases

  1. An organization has multiple HRIS systems feeding data into the Cornerstone system. All employees in United States are managed in one HRIS system, and all employees in France are managed in another HRIS system.
  2. Sally moves to a new position in the organization which causes her to move from New York, US to Paris, France.
  3. As a result of Sally's move, her information is now managed in a second HRIS system.
  4. When Sally's information is fed into the Cornerstone system from the second HRIS system, Cornerstone's duplicate prevention engine identifies Sally's user record as potentially being the same as an existing user record.
  5. The administrator views Sally's pending record and determines whether it is the same user as an existing user record or if Sally is a unique new user.


This functionality is only available to organizations using Cornerstone HR. This functionality is controlled by a backend setting, which is disabled by default.