Data Load Wizard - Potential Duplicate User

When an organization using Link loads new users using the Data Load Wizard, the system can be configured to determine whether the new users are similar to existing user records. This is done in order to prevent the same user from being added to the system more than once.

When loading user using the Data Load Wizard - User Load for Link, the system determines whether the user record is potentially a duplicate user record.

  • If the user record is determined to be unique, then the user is added as a new user.
  • If the user record is determined to be a potentially duplicate user record, then the user record is created in a pending state.
    • The user record information is added to the Pending User Records page. See Pending User Records.
    • The following error description is displayed in the Excel Error Report for the pending user record: This user was found to be a potential duplicate of an existing user record. As a result, the user was added in a pending state. This user will not have access to Cornerstone until they are reconciled, which can be done by a system administrator from the 'Admin > Core Functions > Pending User Records' page.

If pending user records are identified, administrators should navigate to the Pending User Records page to take action on the prevented duplicate users. See Pending User Records.

To start the Data Load Wizard, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Data Load Wizard, and then click Load Data. The Data Load Wizard opens to the Get Started tab.


This functionality is only available to organizations using Cornerstone HR and the Data Load Wizard. This functionality is controlled by a backend setting, which is disabled by default.