Create Draft Learning Assignment

It is possible to save a draft of a learning assignment that you began configuring but did not submit. To save a draft of an assignment you have begun to create, click the Save Draft button at the bottom of any page in the create assignment workflow. The draft will be saved, and you will be redirected to the Manage Learning Assignments page. Your draft assignment can then be accessed and completed later.

To access a draft learning assignment from the Manage Learning Assignments page, either click the title of the draft learning assignment or click the Options drop-down arrow to the right of the draft and click the Resume Draft link.

  • Note: You are only able to view draft learning assignments that you have created.
  • Note: The selected assignment criteria, Enable Assign New Occurrence option selection, and the If applicable, override all prior due dates for trainings contained in this assignment option selection will be saved, but the Only assign new occurrence to users in the 'Completed' status option selection, as well as email settings selected for the draft assignment will not be saved and will need to be reselected when the draft is resumed..