Display "Transcript Delivery Method" in Transcript Details

With this enhancement, the method by which training was delivered to a user's transcript displays in the Assignment History section of their transcript. The Assignment History section is dynamically renamed to the Assignment and Version History section if the training has been reversioned. This section also indicates which training is the latest active registration.

To view the Assignment and Version History section for a training item on a user's transcript, navigate to the user's transcript and click the title of the training item.

Assignment History/Assignment and Version History Section

In the Assignment History/Assignment and Version History section, the following new columns display:

  • Latest Registration? - In the Latest Registration column, a Yes/No value displays, indicating whether or not the training registration is the latest active registration on the user's transcript.
  • Transcript Delivery Method - In the Transcript Delivery Method section, the method by which the training registration was delivered to the user's transcript displays. Possible values include:
    • Self-Requested
    • System Assignment (LAT)
    • Direct Assignment
      • Training was assigned directly (for example by a manger to a user)

      • Training was submitted via ILT Roster Submission

    • Express Class
    • Assignment* (This category is representative of historical data records prior to the Feb '19 release which are not reliable and therefore have been contained separately to preserve data quality. Over time, this category will be deprecated.


    • The Other status appears for all other miscellaneous transcript delivery cases, including:

      • Assignment via Inventory

      • Added by Training Plan

      • Historical Data Loads (except in certain cases described in above values)

      • Data Load Wizard


    • The Assignment and Version History section is called "Assignment History" if the training has not yet been versioned. This is preexisting functionality.
    • There may be multiple entries within the Assignment and Version History section that are considered the Latest Registration. This is preexisting functionality that occurs when a training is versioned using Append versioning.