Compliance - Transcript Delivery Method

Prior to this enhancement, it was not possible to easily track the method by which training was delivered to a user's transcript. For example, if an organization wanted to know how many users self-requested training, or how many users were assigned training by their manager, it was necessary for administrators to report on assigned training and then filter the results.

With this enhancement, administrators have access to a new report field which shows the transcript delivery method of training. This enhancement applies to both Custom Reporting and Reporting 2.0.

Transcript Delivery Method

The Transcript Delivery Method field is available in the Transcript report field section.

Field Name

Report Section

Field Description Field Type affected reports
Transcript Delivery Method Transcript

This field displays the method by which a training item was added to the user's transcript. Possible values include:

  • Self-Requested
  • System Assignment (LAT)
  • Direct Assignment
    • Training was assigned directly (for example by a manger to a user)

    • Training was submitted via ILT Roster Submission

  • Express Class
  • External Progress
  • Assignment* (This category is representative of historical data records prior to the Feb '19 release which are not reliable and therefore have been contained separately to preserve data quality. Over time, this category will be deprecated.
  • Other
    • The Other status appears for all other miscellaneous transcript delivery cases, including:

      • Assignment via Inventory

      • Added by Training Plan

      • Historical Data Loads (except in certain cases described in above values)

      • Data Load Wizard

Text Assignment Report, Certification Report, Compliance Report, Curriculum Transcript Report, Transcript Report


The following considerations apply to this functionality:

  • For training items that have been versioned, the Transcript Delivery Method for the most recent version, prior to the latest version, will define the Transcript Delivery Method of the latest version.
  • Curriculum parent and child training items should have the same Transcript Delivery Method.
  • Events and session training items should have the same Transcript Delivery Method.
  • Learners and managers cannot remove training when the training is later assigned to the learner by an administrator.