Learning Compliance Enhancements

With this enhancement, the following training behaviors have been updated in the Learning Assignment Tool:

  • The Assign New Occurrence setting pushes the assignment training every time users enter the dynamic assignment criteria. Users who enter the assignment availability with previous version on their transcripts will continue to receive the latest version of the training.
  • A new option enables users to maintain their progress on all assigned training, provided the assignment was created with the Assigned, Approved, and Registered option selected.
  • Curriculum reassignment provides users with the latest version of all child training contained within the curriculum.


These features were automatically enabled in all Stage portals using the Learning module on Nov 30, 2018, and this functionality is automatically enabled in all Production portals using the Learning module with the Jan 4, 2019 patch.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Assignment Tool - Dynamic Reassignment Grants ability to enable/disable Dynamic Re-assignment for an assignment after submission. When Dynamic Re-assignment is enabled, users that meet the User Criteria again (after previously being dynamically removed) are re-assigned. This permission is dependent on the Assignment - Standard, Dynamic - Standard and Dynamic, and Dynamic Assignment - Standard and Dynamic - Recurrence permissions. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Learning - Administration