Learner Home Configuration - Overview

The Learner Home serves as a learning hub which facilitates a seamless learning experience, allowing you to browse for and request relevant training, search and filter for specific training, and helps ensure compliance by helping you prioritize and take action on training you must complete. The Learner Home includes several features which enable learners to easily select subjects of interest, discover training based on machine learning, and quickly access and request new training.

It is recommended that learning administrators take action to prepare their portal to ensure the Learner Home performs optimally for users. Administrators can also customize various Learner Home features.

Click here to access the Learner Home and Learning Search Feature Focus Playlist in the Client Success Center!

Learner Home - End User View

The Learner Home is end user-facing functionality. Documentation is available for all aspects of the Learner Home as it appears to users:

Learner Home Preparations and System Impact

Before granting users access to the Learner Home, it is recommended that you prepare your portal's images, subjects, and other objects accordingly, and also understand how Learner Home setup will affect other system areas:

Learner Home Setup

Administrators can configure various Learner Home features via the following preferences pages:

Enhanced Search

The Enhanced Search page works in tandem with Learner Home to facilitate an intuitive training search experience, but administrators can also provide users with access to Enhanced Search without also giving them access to Learner Home by adding Enhanced Search as a link to a navigation tab.

For information about the end user's experience of Enhanced Search, See Learning Search.

When searching for training, the results you receive will differ depending on whether you are using Enhanced Search or Global Search. For more information about the differences between these two tools: See Learning Search vs. Traditional Search.

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