Manage Licenses

The Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is a set of software tools for creating, storing, reusing, and delivering content from a central repository. A content license is required for each administrator using any part of the LCMS.

A content license gives an administrator access to the following areas:

To manage LCMS licenses, go to Content > Manage Licenses.

Total Licenses and Available Licenses

At the top of the page, the total number of licenses that are available to the organization is displayed. This number includes all used and unused licenses.

To the right of the Total Licenses value, the number of available licenses is displayed. This represents the number of licenses that are available to be granted to other users.

Add New Author

To add a new licensed author who can create online courses, select the Add New Author link.

Remove Author

To remove an existing author, select the Trash Can icon in the Remove column to the left of the appropriate author.