Course Builder

Cornerstone Course Builder provides an integrated content creation tool that will allow administrators to create SCORM compliant courses from the modules they have created in the Module Builder.

  1. Search - search for existing course by keyword/title or published/non-published
  2. Build New Course - to create a new course
  3. Preview - to view an existing course
  4. Copy - to make a copy of an existing course

Build a Course

  1. Go to Content > Course Builder.
  2. Click the Build New Course link.
  3. Enter the following information:
    1. Course Title - enter a title for the course
    2. Provider - select a provider from the drop-down list (required field)
    3. Keywords - enter keywords to associate to these course
    4. Description - enter a description for course
    5. Language - select language from drop-down if applicable
    6. Editing Rights - check to make this course editable by an administrator with the Create Course permission.
    7. Allow Download - If this option is selected, the corresponding course can be downloaded via the Course Catalog. Note: This option is only available if the Network Player is enabled.
    8. Version - click to create a new version of an existing course. You can only select a course that has the same provider.
    9. Effective Date - enter a date or select from Calendar icon for the course
    10. Price - enter a price for the course. If price is left blank, it will be automatically set at $0.
    11. Copyright - enter copyright information if applicable
    12. Select Module Design Template - click to select and override the default design templates for this course if applicable
  4. Click Next.
  5. Add Section - click to add a section.
    1. Enter title.
    2. Click Save .
  6. Add Module - click to add a module.
    1. Search for module/s.
    2. Click Select for module/s to add.
    3. Click Save.
  7. Sequence - modify sequence of sections and modules, if applicable.
  8. Click Save to save course for additional editing at a later time or click Publish to publish course immediately.

  1. To make the course available after you publish, go to the Course Catalog and set the availability.