Asset Importer

The Asset Importer functionality allows the administrator to add, view, and organize assets which have been imported into the system. Assets include audio, video, and image files that can be used to enhance a training course.

  • When imported the assets are saved in a central repository where they can be shared between modules.

To access the Asset Importer, go to Content > Asset Importer.

  1. Date - to enter date range for search for existing assets
  2. Type - to select a type for search for existing assets
  3. Keywords - to search by keyword for existing assets
  4. Creator - to search by creator for existing assets
  5. Add New Asset - to add a new asset
  6. View Usage - to see usage by asset
  7. Preview - Select this icon to view or save an existing asset. This option can be used to view the asset's file name.
  8. Edit - to edit existing asset if not used in module
  9. Delete - to remove existing asset

Add New Asset

  1. Go to Content > Asset Importer.
  2. Click the Add New Asset link.
  3. Upload - click Browse to find asset. Select file and the upload text box will populate with file name.
  4. Title - enter a title for the asset (required field)
  5. File Type - will default to type of file uploaded
  6. Description - enter a description of the asset (required field)
  7. Keywords - enter keywords that can be used to search for asset
  8. Editing Rights - check to allow the asset to be edited by anyone with permission to import assets.
  9. Active - Check to make active and available for use. If the asset is not active, then it can be saved, but will not be available for use until it is made active.
  10. Click Submit or Submit & Add Another.

Utilize Asset

Once an asset is imported to the system, it can be used across modules. To obtain the asset file name, select the Preview icon on the Asset Importer page. The following HTML code can be used to embed the item from the Asset Importer:

  • <embed src=”/clientimg/profserv/asset/file name”>

Asset File Types

Asset (max size 300 MB) File Type
Image .bmp
Audio .m4a
Video .avi