TCC Work Opportunity Tax Credit Assessments Workflow

The following is the general workflow for configuring the TCC Work Opportunity Tax Credit assessment in the application, as well as manually assigning the assessment to applicants via the Manage Applicants page:

  1. Create a new Custom Applicant Status from the Applicant Statuses page. Select the type as “Custom Integration.” Select your Work Opportunity Tax Credit integration in the Type drop-down. Click Save.
  2. With the new status created, add the status to either the Default Status List or to the Custom Status List for a requisition template. The status will need to be included in the status list for a requisition template to ensure that related requisitions can include a Work Opportunity Tax Credit status.
  3. At this point, create a new requisition containing the new status.
  4. After the requisition has been created, candidates will begin to apply.
  5. Once candidates have applied, you can also assign Work Opportunity Tax Credit assessments by navigating to the Manage Applicants page for the requisition. From the manage applicants page, use the Assign Integration Assessment action to assign the assessments. Note that it may be necessary to manually change an applicant’s status to the assessment status to make sure they are in the proper status for assigning assessments.
  6. Applicants are automatically sent the Assign Integration Assessment email containing a link to the Work Opportunity Tax Credit assessment. Applicants can then complete the assessment. Note: This email is only triggered if it is configured in Email Administration.

Assessments can also be assigned from Manage Candidates. See Manage Candidates - Assign Integrations.

See these topics in Online Help for information about the functionality associated with the workflow: