Assign Universal Background Screening

The Universal Background Screening can be assigned from the Applicant Profile > Statuses tab. The applicant's status must be changed to the custom Universal Background Screening status in order for the background screening to be available to assign.

Assign from Applicant Profile

To assign from the Applicant Profile page:

Navigate to the Applicant Profile > Statuses tab.

  1. Click the applicant's status in the Current Status field on the Summary tab.
  2. Change the status to the applicable background check status. This enables a background check to be assigned to a candidate on the Statuses tab.
  3. Click the Statuses tab.
  4. Click the Assign to Applicant link in the background check status section. This opens the Select Provider pop-up.
  5. Select the Universal Background Screening provider from the Select Provider drop-down.
  6. Click Submit. This opens the log-in page for Universal Background Screening.
  7. Log in to the Universal Background Screening site. The page will show the applicant's data passed to Universal Background Screening. The recruiter can enter additional required fields not passed as part of the integration, or the recruiter can select to assign this task to the candidate by selecting Background Check via e-Forms Invitation. If the latter, Universal Background Screening will send an email to the applicant.

If the screening request is successful and completed, the results display in the status panel on the Applicant Profile page. You can also view the results from the associated assessment column on the Manage Applicants page.