Assign Sterling Background Check

The Sterling background check is assigned to applicants from their Applicant Profile > Statuses tab.

To assign the background check:

  1. Click the Assign to Applicant link in the background check status type panel from the Applicant Profile > Statuses tab.
  2. This opens a pop-up in which you select the background check provider and package. The options that are available in these fields are dependent upon the integrations you have enabled in Edge Integrate and the settings for those integrations.
  3. Click Submit. This initiates the Sterling background check process for the applicant. Auto-Creation of User Record Note: If the user assigning the background check does not yet have a user record in the Sterling application, a user record is automatically created, using the user's first and last name, phone number, and email address - all of which are required fields. When Sterling creates the user record for the user who is assigning the background check, Sterling will send an email to that user to indicate that their user record has been created.

If the submission process is successful, the status in the background check status type section will indicate Acknowledged. If the submission is not successful, then an error message displays.

Once the background check is assigned to the applicant, the status will change to Assigned, and Sterling will send an email to the applicant to initiate the background check process.