Manage Requisitions - Recruitment Marketing

For portals that have an active integration with SmashFly, a Manage Recruitment Marketing option appears in the options drop-down for requisitions on the Manage Requisitions page. This option enables you to access the Manage Recruitment Marketing pop-up, which will enable you to click on several actions that send you into the SmashFly application. From there, you can manage marketing campaigns for the requisition.

Note: Users must have permission to manage CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) integrations.

To access job requisitions, go to Recruit > Manage Requisition.

Manage Recruitment Marketing Pop-Up

This pop-up enables you to access the SmashFly application and manage marketing for the requisition. The following options are available:

  • Integration - Select SmashFly to access the SmashFly actions.
  • Action - The following SmashFly actions are available:
    • Manage -
    • Check Status -
    • Deactivate -
    • Update -

Once you have selected the SmashFly action, click Go. This opens the SmashFly application.