Applicant Sources with SmashFly

As part of the Recruiting functionality, you can create custom applicant sources. Applicants who apply via the URL with the particular URL parameter will be shown in the Source column of the Manage Applicants page and under Applicant Sources in Reporting. This is how recruiters will see if an applicant came from a job ad that was managed or marketed through SmashFly.

A set of default sources are available, such as Referral Search Network, Referral Suggested, Candidate Bank, Added Manually, etc. But, you can also add and track new sources by creating a source name and ID. The ID is the URL Parameter. The ID is alphanumeric and will not save the new source until formatted properly. The URL parameter is automatically generated when a custom applicant source is created. The parameter is configured as &source=[Source ID].

The URL parameter that is generated for a custom source can be appended to the URL for a career site so that the custom applicant source will be attributed to any applicants who apply to jobs from the associated career site.

Sources that are in use cannot be removed. If a Source ID is edited after applicants have already applied using a URL with the old Source ID in the URL parameter, applicants will no longer be attributed to the old source.