Outmatch Video Interview Integration

The Outmatch Video Interview integration transforms your recruiting process with a video interview platform designed to boost efficiency in the hiring process and create engaging candidate experiences.

Outmatch lets recruiters create engaging recruitment experiences, while still managing, inviting, and reviewing candidates through the Cornerstone platform. Candidates complete the video interview via the Outmatch platform, where they can also experience your brand through engaging media and video content.

Video Interview Workflow

Recruiter Creates Interview > Recruiter Assigns Interview > Candidate Completes Interview > Recruiter Views Interview, Scores, and Status

Create Interview

Video interviews are created in the Outmatch platform. The recruiter will add a list of questions to the interview and save it in Outmatch.

Assign Interview

Video interviews are assigned on Manage Candidates or Manage Applicants, using the Assign Integration or Assign Assessment Task options respectively. Assigning the interview sends an email to the candidate, which will include a link to launch the interview.

For general information about assigning assessments to candidates:

Launch and Complete Interview

Candidates launch the video interview by clicking a link to the interview from the email sent by the recruiter. The video interview process consists of a series of questions, each of which appear on a new page within the interview. To answer a question, the candidate clicks a button to begin recording their answer. The candidate will be given a time limit for each question, and the recording will stop automatically at the end of the time limit.

Once all answers are recorded, the candidate can submit the interview.

View Interview, Scores, and Status

The interview is available to view from Manage Candidates or Manage Applicants by clicking the View Interview button. Clicking the button opens the Outmatch platform to the interview page, which includes options to view the interview, rate the candidate, and provide comments.

Any scores the candidate received for the interview are sent to Manage Candidates and Manage Applicants. The status of the interview is also available.


The Outmatch Video Interview integration will be available on 8 March 2021 via Edge Marketplace for all organizations using Recruiting and that also have an account with the integration vendor.

Additional instructions for enabling and configuring the integration are available on the Setup tab of the integration in Edge. There is no additional cost associated with enabling this integration in Edge.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Edge Integrations - Manage Grants access to the Integrations service for Edge Integrate, where the administrator can configure, enable, and disable their third-party integrations used within the Cornerstone system. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Edge
Edge Marketplace - Manage Grants access to the Marketplace service for Edge Integrate, where the administrator can browse integrations that can be used to extend the Cornerstone system. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Edge
Requisition: Manage Grants ability to access and manage all requisitions regardless of ownership (constraints permitting). This permission also grants read-only access to the Applicant Review tab when creating or editing a job requisition. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, and Grade. Recruiting
Requisition: Owner

Enables owner to access requisitions and applicants for requisitions for which they are an owner. This permission also grants read-only access to video interviews that are completed by applicants via HireVue. For portals with Referral Suite enabled, this permission also enables requisition owners to edit the referral source on the Applicant Profile page. This permission cannot be constrained.

Note: This is a dynamically assigned permission that is not available in Security Role Administration. If the user is removed as an owner, the permission is revoked for the associated requisition. This permission cannot be manually assigned. Also, if a user has both the permission necessary to manage requisitions and be a requisition owner, the constraints of the Requisition: Manage permission overrule those of the Requisition: Owner permission. For requisition owners that do not also have permission to manage requisitions, only certain fields are editable when editing a requisition.