Multiposting Job Board Postings

The Multiposting integration allows recruiters to post a requisition that has multiple language translations to multiple job boards that support multiple languages. Through the integration, recruiters can select the desired job boards from the Job Postings page and post the job to more than one job board that supports multiple languages.

Note: For requisitions that have an approval workflow, postings cannot be made through Multiposting until the requisition is approved.

Post Job

To post a job through Multiposting:

  1. Navigate to the Job Postings page. See Job Posting Page.
  2. Select a default career site in the Job Boards section. This is required in order to post the job via Multiposting so that the posted jobs will be linked to the default career site.
  3. Click Post. This opens a Multiposting window from which you can select the job boards and configure the posting. You must have a Multiposting account in order to post through Multiposting.

Repost Job

The Repost Job button allows recruiters to repost a job posting. The button only displays if the active postings are in a Deleted, Error, or Expired status or is no longer active on any job boards.

To repost the job:

  1. Click Repost Job. This opens a Multiposting window.
  2. In the Multiposting window, you can edit any of the job details before reposting the job. Once you have finished making the changes in Multiposting, you will need to manually close the Multiposting window.
  3. Then, click Refresh on the Job Postings page. This updates the job boards table to display the job boards to which the posting has been reposted. The status of the job boards changes to Pending or Active, and this enables the Edit Posting and Delete All buttons to display. the Repost Job button will no longer display.

Job Boards Table

The following columns display in the job boards table:

  • Name - This column displays the name of the job board to which the requisition is posted.
  • Status - The status of the job board displays below the job board name. The following statuses of the job board display in the Status column:
    • Active
    • Error
    • Pending
  • Start Date - This column displays the effective date of the job posting.
  • End Date - This column displays the date on which the requisition expires on the job board.
  • Clicks - This column displays the number of clicks that the job board has received.
  • Cost - This column matches the data in Multiposting and displays the correct amount type for the posting cost type entity. The amount displays in the user's language, if available.
    • Credits - This shows the remaining credits for the job board.
    • Slots - This shows the remaining/total slots for the job board.
  • Delete - You can delete a job posting that is in a Pending or Active status by clicking the trash can icon . This opens a confirmation pop-up. Click Yes to delete the posting, or click No to cancel the delete action. Once the posting is deleted, click Refresh. This updates the job board status to Deleted. The options drop-down is hidden when a job board is in a Deleted status.

View History

Click View History to view deleted or expired job boards. This provides you with a place to see job boards that are no longer current for the job.

The Job Board History page displays the following information for the job:

  • Name - This column displays the name of the job board. The status and the date of the status change display below the job board name. The possible status values are Deleted and Expired.
  • Language - This column display the language of the job on the job board. This option is only available for Broadbean integrations.
  • Start Date - This column displays the date on which the job was posted.
  • End Date - This column displays the date on which the job posting ended.
  • Clicks - This column displays the number of clicks the posting received.
  • Cost - This column displays the cost of the posting.

Click Done to close the Job Board History page.

Error Messages

If there is an error when posting your job to the job board, an error message will display indicating that an error occurred.

Canceled/Closed Requisitions

If the requisition is in a Canceled or Closed status, then the job board posting is automatically deleted.


The Edit button allows you to edit the posting in Multiposting. When clicked, the Multiposting window opens, where you can edit the posting. Once the updates are made, the job boards table on the Job Postings page updates to display the latest data.

This button only displays once a job is posted via Multiposting.


The Refresh button updates the job boards table to display the latest data from the job boards to which the job is posted.

Delete All

The Delete All button allows you to delete all postings that are still pending and active on job boards.

The status for the job boards will change to Deleted when Refresh is clicked.

Requisition Closed or Canceled

Requisitions that are posted to job boards via Multiposting are automatically removed from those job boards if the requisition is closed or canceled in Recruiting.