LinkedIn Experience

With LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect, Cornerstone Recruiting data and actions can be viewed on the candidate's LinkedIn Recruiter page.

You can view Cornerstone data by clicking In Cornerstone in the candidate's details section on LinkedIn Recruiter. This opens a pop-up that displays their Cornerstone data. Much of the same candidate data that is visible in your Cornerstone portal will also be visible in LinkedIn Recruiter.

For example, you can view status changes and dates so that you know which jobs the candidate applied to, as well as their current and previous status(es) for those jobs. Note: A candidate’s application for a job is not visible until they are moved out of the New Submissions stage.

You can view comments from interviewers and their recommendation. A candidates score does not display.

Comments from recruiters and stakeholders will be visible in LinkedIn Recruiter so that you can use their input to make decisions about what actions to take. If attachments were included in the comment in Cornerstone, the attachment will not be visible in LinkedIn Recruiter.

You can also quickly and easily get to your Cornerstone portal to view the candidate on the Applicant Profile page by clicking the View in Cornerstone link.

Information for candidates who have been archived, inactivated, or deleted will not display in LinkedIn Recruiter.

Export Candidate

Candidates can be exported from LinkedIn Recruiter to jobs in Cornerstone. To export a candidate:

  1. Navigate to their profile in LinkedIn Recruiter.
  2. Select a job from the Export to Cornerstone drop-down. The jobs that display are the jobs to which you have access based on your permission constraints.
  3. Click Export.

Note: The Change ATS option (as it appears in the image above) is only visible for clients who have two or more LinkedIn Recruiter contracts.