Enable LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect

To enable the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration, the client administrator must perform the actions listed below. The activation of the integration is a one-time activity.

To view detailed LinkedIn instructions for enabling the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration, click the Getting Started link on the Setup page. A "LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect Enablement Guide" is available to download.

Integration Guide

Select this link to download the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect Integration Guide.

Enable Integration

  1. Navigate to Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace.
  2. Click the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration icon. This opens the Edge Integrations page.
  3. Click Install. This opens terms and conditions page.
  4. Check to accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Click Install. This opens a pop-up to indicate that the installation was successful.
  6. Click Configure Now in the pop-up to configure the integration. This opens the Setup page within Edge.
  7. Click the option to sign in to your LinkedIn account to enable the configuration options. Then, follow the prompts to enable. Note: The Edge page uses cookies, so it is impacted by any cached LinkedIn log-ins. Only Recruiter Admin accounts (not just Recruiter) will be able to log in successfully and view the configuration widget. If you do not see the configuration widget, please try allowing cookies and refreshing the page. The configuration widget should then appear.
  8. Next, go to the Manage Users tab on the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration page in Edge so that you can manually map LinkedIn Recruiter seat holders to users in Cornerstone. This is necessary so that InMail and notes from LinkedIn appear in Cornerstone.
  9. To map seat holders:

    1. Click the Manage Users tab on the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect page in Edge Integrate.
    2. Click the Modify icon in the Modify column for the user. This enables the user ID field in the Cornerstone User ID column to be editable.
    3. Enter the corresponding user's user ID in the Cornerstone User ID column. This maps the LinkedIn seat holder to Cornerstone. The user ID is available by searching for the user on the Users page.

    1. For some users, the First Name, Last Name, and/or Email columns may not contain any information. This may be because the user's information has been configured in LinkedIn not to display. In such cases, the administrator should have the user modify their settings by doing one of the following:
      1. Allow Third Party Data Sharing - From LinkedIn, enable users of permitted services to view your profile.

      1. Enable Visibility for Public Profile - From LinkedIn, enable your profile to be visible to non-logged in users.

Additional Information

  • You must have an existing LinkedIn Recruiter account with LinkedIn.
  • No migration is required.
  • The integration comes with Recruiting at no additional cost.
  • The integration cannot be purchased independently of a product line.