Applicant Profile - LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect

When LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect is enabled in the portal, a candidate's LinkedIn Recruiter data appears on the Applicant Profile page. You can view InMail history, notes, and the LinkedIn Recruiter profile.

A candidate's Cornerstone data is also available in LinkedIn Recruiter.

InMail History

A candidate's InMail history displays on the Emails tab. The date, sender, and subject are visible to all users with access to the Applicant Profile page in Cornerstone. InMail history will only be visible to users who have a LinkedIn Recruiter seat on the same contract.

Attachments are not included.

Cornerstone Record Creation via InMail

When a LinkedIn recruiter sends an InMail to a candidate, the candidate will be able to respond to the InMail, and in the process can choose to share their contact information with the recruiter. If a candidate chooses to share their contact information, that detail will be passed to Cornerstone.

If the candidate does not have an account in the portal, a new record will be created for the user. The record will not be connected to any specific requisition and can only be found through Candidate Search Query. Note: If the Applicant Opt Out option in Requisition and Applicant Preferences is checked, then the new profile will not be visible in Candidate Search Query by default. The only way to find candidates generated through this InMail Stub Profile is to ensure Applicant Opt-Out is not checked.

If the candidate does have an account in the portal, then the record will be updated with the contact information shared through LinkedIn.


Notes added on LinkedIn display on the Comments tab. These notes will be distinguished from Recruiting notes by displaying "via LinkedIn" next to the name of the user who submitted the note. Notes will only be visible to users who have a LinkedIn Recruiter seat on the same contract.

Notes that are created in LinkedIn Recruiter and viewed in your Cornerstone portal cannot be edited or deleted in Cornerstone.

LinkedIn Recruiter Profile

A candidate's LinkedIn profile will now be visible on a new "Linkedin" tab on the Applicant Profile page. This tab is only available in portals that have enabled LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect. Users with a LinkedIn Recruiter seat will be able to see the full LinkedIn profile, including links to send an InMail or view the profile in LinkedIn Recruiter. Users without a LinkedIn Recruiter seat will see the candidate’s public LinkedIn profile.

For candidates who do not have a LinkedIn profile, the tab will display "Candidate Not Matched." If the profile being shown does not match the candidate, a Wrong person's profile? link can be clicked to unlink the current profile and select the correct one.