Job Distribution Connector Overview

The Job Distribution Connector provides organizations the ability to integrate their preferred job distribution provider with Cornerstone. Cornerstone provides the end-to-end workflow information and the toolkit in the API Explorer for external developers to build services required to set up the integration. Clients configure endpoints and credentials for the job distribution provider in Edge, including which fields to send to the job distribution vendor from a list of available standard fields. Job posting data exchanged using this connector is displayed on the Job Posting page in Recruiting.

Integration Guide

Select this link to download the Job Distribution Connector Integration Guide.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

The Job Distribution Connector offering lets you potentially integrate with any job distribution provider without needing any additional work from Cornerstone.

Supported Workflows

  • Create job posting
  • Refresh job posting
  • Update job posting
  • Re-post a job
  • Delete job posting
  • Delete all job postings

Create and Refresh are required workflows. The remaining four workflows are optional and can be turned off on the Settings page for the integration in Edge.

All Recruiting clients that need to integrate with job boards can potentially use this connector. Job distribution vendors should be able to build an integration using the connector, provided they adhere to Cornerstone's workflow and specifications. Alternatively, if a client wishes to build an integration themselves using the connector, they should ideally be a mid to large company with development and QA capabilities.

Use Cases

Use Case 1 - Recruiting Director

A Recruiting Director would like to post the jobs they create in Cornerstone to multiple job boards. However, Cornerstone does not have a pre-built integration with their job distribution vendor.

Instead of requesting a custom technical project from Cornerstone that does not provide a real-time integration, the Recruiting Director decides to use the Job Distribution Connector and goes through the following workflow:

  • The Recruiting Director reaches out to the job distribution vendor to build the integration using the Job Distribution Connector.
  • The vendor assesses the connector documentation in Cornerstone’s API Explorer and determines that they can build the integration.
  • The vendor develops the integration using the API contracts defined by Cornerstone under the Job Distribution Connector.
  • The Recruiter Director engages an administrator in their organization to configure the Job Distribution Connector in Edge.
  • The vendor works with the administrator to test the integration in the client’s portal. Once testing is complete, the Recruiting Director lets his recruiters know that the integration is ready for their use.


  • You can only install one instance of the Job Distribution Connector per portal.
  • The connector’s API contracts cannot be customized per client. However, administrators can configure the fields to be sent to the job distribution vendor from a list of available standard fields.
  • The client, vendor, or partner developing an integration using the connector must adhere to the connector’s API contracts documented in the API Explorer. Any variance can cause errors when a recruiter is attempting to post, update, re-post, or delete a job.
  • The connector only supports basic auth for authenticating the administrator account with the vendor. There is no support for OAuth or other authentication protocols.
  • Existing Edge integrations with Broadbean and eQuest are not impacted by this new feature.


This feature requires self-activation via Edge Marketplace and Edge Integrations. Clients must have an existing contract with a job distribution vendor and will enter vendor information in Edge during set-up. Client and their job distribution vendor work together to develop and configure this integration.

Additional instructions for enabling and configuring the integration are available on the Setup tab of the integration in Edge.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Edge Develop - API Explorer Grants access to the API Explorer, which provides access to help documentation for various API applications. Edge
Edge Integrations - Manage Grants access to the Integrations service for Edge Integrate, where the administrator can configure, enable, and disable their third-party integrations used within the Cornerstone system. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Edge
Edge Marketplace - Manage Grants access to the Marketplace service for Edge Integrate, where the administrator can browse integrations that can be used to extend the Cornerstone system. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Edge